ABBY - 15 - AUS

INSTA: @ab_butler

Q: name yourselves my url <3 <3

"emily keogh fan club" has a better ring to it i think 

asked by keoghhgoek
Q: haim

nice originality 

asked by Anonymous
creative + cool people needed

my friends fabihah, sally and i (abby) have a little trio thing going on and we need a name!
if you think you’re url would fit or have another idea please pretty please inbox me and i will grant you my ETERNAL love! XXX

Does anybody else get really annoyed when people hold their phone up at concerts? Like ok maybe one photo but what’s the point of going if you’re going to watch a crappy video on your phone instead of the musician live in front of you?


girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle